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The Digital Product Passport Project – ProPare

ProPare, a pilot project prototyping an open global infrastructure for the Digital Product Passport to promote greater circularity, traceability, and transparency.

ProPare was a project that aims to develop the underlying Digital Product Passport infrastructure and create a standard for the future of DPP. An open, non-competitive, and global standard was the basis for this project. The ProPare project was a collaboration between GS1 Sweden, Axfoundation, Miljömärkning Sverige AB (Svanen och Nordic Ecolabel), and Svensk Handel. Business partners in the project were food, fashion, furniture, and general retailers with players such as Axfood/Dagab, Ahlsell, and Mio, as well as technology developer Blue Cromos, which was responsible for the app development.

The important outcomes and experiences from the project were above all a deep understanding of where the operational challenges lay in handling distributed and linked data as typically in a Digital Product Passport. More on the topic can be found in the report conducted by the project but why not also elaborate on the implementation challenges as a topic in the community?

The design of the future Digital Product Passport has started, and this work was the beginning of the creation of the European standard for the DPP. A first demo app has been developed by the ProPare team and this app will be expanded and improved over time to set the best standards and conditions for what it can look like in the future.

Partners ProPare

-GS1 Sweden:

A global organization where GS1 Sweden is one of 115 member countries. Offers a common digital language for businesses through unique identification, accurate labeling, and automatic data sharing for products, locations, and other physical objects.


A non-profit, independent organization that works concretely for a sustainable society. Axfoundation works with three program areas: Sustainable production and consumption, Food of the future, and Circular economy.

-Miljömärkning Sverige AB:

is a Swedish state-owned company that administers, on behalf of the government, the Nordic ecolabel Svanen and the European equivalent the EU-flower.

-Svensk Handel:

A business organization for companies with activities in the wholesale, digital, and retail trade.  The organization´s main task is to create good conditions for trade companies.


A leading group in grocery stores in Sweden and the second largest in the market with a market share of approximately 21 percent. Wholesale sales take place through fast wholesale and our support company Dagab is responsible for the group´s product development, purchasing, and logistics.


A distributor in Sweden with a comprehensive collection within the installation area. They have an extensive range of products within water & drain, heating & sanitation, ventilation, insulation, electricity, refrigeration, construction, real estate, industry, tools, and machinery.


A leading Swedish retail chain for furniture and home furnishings that has delivered interior design solutions for the home for over 60 years. Mio has stories at 75 different locations within Sweden together with e-commerce.

-Blue Cromos:

Technical development company with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with a focus on delivering a leading brand protection solution with its patented technology platform.

The ProPare Project in Short
Project Period:
January 2022-April 2023
Project Management:
Technical Management:
GS1 Sweden
Stakeholder Management:
The Swedish Trade
Technical Development:
Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Demo-app Developer:
Blue Cromos
Brand Owners:
Ahlsell, Dagab/Axfood, Mio

ProPare is self-financed by the project partners

and brand owners.

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