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Circobuild is a project focused on the construction industry and how data can be connected to a building product through an app to view certifications, product data, and sustainability information supporting the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) data.

Circobuild is based on the GS1 standard on which the prototype app of the Propare project, Product Passport Resolver, is based. The Circobuild project is based on a broad collaboration between GS1 Sweden and NorDan AS together with Blue Cromos, which is responsible for hosting data and also the development of the app. The project aims to provide a service for the construction industry to better show relevant content of, and be complient with, the EPD framework.

The outcomes and experiences from the project in highlight are foremost the challenges around linking and verifying different data sets together with links in data carriers and how to manage dynamic links. These challenges spans over both data providers and those who seeks to develop applications based on open and trustworthy standards. Circubuild seeks to be a sandbox and playground for any player in the construction industry to gain not only understanding about, but also to influence, different sets of product data and the role EPD:s will play in the future.

Partners Circobuild  

-GS1 Sweden:

A global organization where GS1 Sweden is one of 115 member countries. Offers a common digital language for businesses through unique identification, accurate labeling, and automatic data sharing for products, locations, and other physical objects. 

-NorDan AS:

A leading Scandinavian window and door manufacturer. NorDan will be a leader in the development, marketing, production, and delivery of environmentally friendly and safe windows and doors and accessories. 

-Blue Cromos:

Technical development company with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with a focus on delivering a leading brand protection solution with its patented technology platform.  

The Circobuild Project in Short
Project Period:
April 2023 - May 2023
Project Management:
Blue Cromos
Technical Management:
Stakeholder Management:
GS1/Blue Cromos
Technical Development:
Blue Cromos
Demo-app Developer:
Blue Cromos
Brand Owners:
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