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Will two years suffice for you to get DPP-compliant?

The EU plans to introduce digital product passports (DPP) by industry. By end of 2027, the first industries will be required to be compliant. That will leave them TWO years from when the detailed regulations and standards are supposed to be complete and available.

DPP compliance: A daunting task

The more you read up on DPP, the more daunting the task becomes of getting compliant.

It's not a walk in the park. You'll need to:

  • Build an understanding and awareness in your organisation of what it is and how it impacts your organisation.

  • Take stock of what data you have, compare it with the requirements, and start filling the gaps.

  • Do the same for your suppliers of raw materials, components, and logistics services

  • Take stock of your available technology to supply distributing DPP data continuously, securely, up-to-date and with validity.

  • Adapt your organisation and operations to continuously supply valid DPP-data

In 4 First Steps to Begin Preparing for Digital Product Passports, we give further detail on how to get started.

Last week, in Do you think GDPR was big? Check out DPP and think again, we explain how, unlike GDPR which many considered to be a major regulatory change, DPP will affect practically all functions of your organisation.

A massive lack of preparedness

So far, our definite impression is that most of the business world is massively unprepared for what is coming:

  • Lack of awareness and knowledge – Few are aware of the upcoming regulation. Even fewer understand what it means for them.

  • Lack of up-to-date and verified data, in correct formats – Much of the data being requested by DPP is of types few have bothered gathering so far. Some, you might have. But much is new to almost all and it will take quite an effort to find it.

  • The little data that is currently available is scattered, locked-in in proprietary systems – yours or your supplier's and companies lack access to systems to make it easily available for DPP use.

Does that sound familiar?

Then you'd better get started ASAP!

Are the European Union officials even fully aware of the challenge?

Sometimes, we end up wondering if even the EU officials have grasped the full scope of the effort needed.

Two years looks like an underestimation to us. Maybe they have overrated the capabilities and level of preparedness of industry? Or have we underrated it? Our discussions with companies and the industry indicate that we haven't.

Maybe they have underestimated the ripple effects and dependencies back through the supply chain? All the way back to raw materials and the manufacture of sub-components?

Will there be some transitional regulation we haven't yet heard of, maybe?

We don't know the answer but are getting increasingly worried about the capability of industry being able to reach compliance within just two years.

Maybe you know the answer or have more insight?

Irrespective of the answers, we keep making the same conclusion: There's no time to lose in getting informed and starting to prepare.

The easiest way to get started is to browse through this site and then get in touch with us.

The more you read up on digital product passports, the more daunting the task becomes of getting compliant. There's no time to lose for getting started. We're here to help.
Taking on a BIG task: DPP compliance

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