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We recommend Retail Talks - Digital Product Passport

5TH DECEMBER 2023 15:00-17:00 + AFTERWORK

Learn from industry experts, discover more innovative companies during the latest concept "Spotlight Express” and network at the afterwork mingle!

As new sustainability laws reshape the business landscape, Epicenter Store invites you to join them in exploring not only how to comply with these legal requirements but also how to transform them into profitable opportunities while contributing to a sustainable future.

This is your golden opportunity to gain insights from industry experts who are tackling these new laws head-on and skillfully turning them into lucrative business opportunities. And don't miss the chance to mingle and continue the conversation at their vibrant after work.

The Program 15.00-17.00:

- Welcome to Epicenter Store. Carl Setterberg

- Meet our Moderator.Linda Pimmeshofer

- What's happening in the fashion industry. Konrad Olsson, Scandinavian MIND

- The new sustainability laws & why brands need to digitize. Staffan Olsson, GS1 Sweden

- How Connected Products and Digital Product Passports will Reshape Commerce. Natasha Franck, EON

- Insights from an early Digital Product Passport adapter, Malva Carlsson, Houdini Sportswear

- Insights into brands' perspectives, highlighting major questions and hesitations, and discussing the need for new business models. Helena Waker, CEO of Swedish Fashion District

- Perspectives from the secondhand market. Martin Hallander, Arkivet

Apply for a seat in the link here

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