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Is your business ready for the EU Digital Product Passport?

Svenska Institutet för Standarder is hosting a webinar on the 11th of December about the "Digital Product Passport" - the EU's upcoming requirement for all products to have an associated product passport.

How the digital product passports should work and who should have access to all the data, are examples of questions to be answered by standards. SIS now invites you to a first stakeholder meeting, where they will tell you more about the plans and what happens next. You and your organization have the greatest opportunity to influence and contribute to the content of the standards by being involved from the start.


Through a standardization request, the European Commission has expressed which standards they want to be developed to meet the requirements of the upcoming DPP legislation. SIS will be involved in the development of these standards. It is open to everyone to join the group, which will have a major impact on the content of future standards. Read more and sign up in the link, Sign up here!

Digital Product Passport discussion

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