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Is your business ready for Digital Product Passport? Blue Cromos takes part in SIS committee.

Digital product passports will enable more circular products and business models. How they should work and who should have access to all data are examples of questions to be answered by European standards. 


We at Blue Cromos have joined the Swedish committee together with some of the largest furniture and apparel retailers in Sweden where we will participate in influencing the content of the standards that the European Commission has requested to meet the requirements of future legislation.

Sweden has proposed to start a working group on “Unique identifiers and data carriers” which is part of JTC24 (Joint Technical Committee) called “Digital Product Passport – Framework and System” led by Germany.

There is a lot of intense and interesting work going on to set these new upcoming standards and we at Blue Cromos are happy to be a part of it and share our expertise on the committee.

Standardisation process according to SIS
Standardization process according to SIS

Illustration by Harri Rosén for SIS

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