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Ending fast fashion: tougher rules to fight excessive production and consumption

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Environment Committee MEPs adopted their recommendations today for EU measures to ensure that textiles are produced in a circular, sustainable and socially just way.

MEPs say textile products sold in the EU should be more durable, easier to reuse, repair and recycle, made to a great extent of recycled fibres, and free of hazardous substances. They underline that textiles should be produced in a manner that respects human, social and labour rights, the environment and animal welfare throughout their supply chain.

Driving fast fashion out of fashion

To tackle overproduction and the overconsumption of clothes and footwear, the Committee calls on the Commission and EU countries to adopt measures that put an end to “fast fashion”, starting with a clear definition of the term based on “high volumes of lower quality garments at low price levels”. Consumers should be better informed to help them make responsible and sustainable choices, including through the introduction of a “digital product passport” in the upcoming revision of the ecodesign regulation." *Textile products must last longer and be easier to reuse, repair and recycle

*The destruction of unsold or returned textiles should be banned

*Human, social and labour rights must be respected during production

*Need for binding targets and measures addressing the entire lifecycle of textiles Read more in link to Press release...

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