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Council adopts position on the regulation for classification, labelling and packaging of chemical su

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The Council has today adopted its negotiating position on the proposed regulation for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals, also known as the CLP regulation. This proposed regulation updates existing EU legislation and aims at clarifying the rules on classifying and labelling chemical substances and the required information for chemicals sold online.

The Council’s position brings the CLP regulation into line with the different forms of business today (such as online or by refill), makes labels clearer and easier to understand (including digital labelling), and ensures a high level of protection against chemical hazards. We want rules for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals to be fit for the digital and green transitions, allowing consumers, companies, and workers to purchase and use chemical products in a safer, better informed and more sustainable way. Today’s decision is an important step forward in this direction, and an important milestone in the implementation of the EU chemicals strategy.

Romina Pourmokhtari, Swedish Minister for Climate and the Environment Clearer information on chemical hazards

The popularisation of new commercial trends (such as online shopping, or the reuse of containers to buy in bulk), together with the emergence of new hazards linked to chemical products (including the presence of endocrine disruptors or the long lifespan of certain substances) required an update of the existing 2008 regulation. The proposed revised regulation’s scope includes greater protection of human health and the environment. The measures it introduces include:

better procedures for all actors to provide information on hazards relating to chemicals placed on the EU market

the communication of chemical hazards, including online, through simpler and clarified labelling and advertising requirements (e.g., a minimum font size for labels of chemicals and use to be made of foldout labels)

new powers for the Commission (in addition to member states and industry) to accelerate the procedure of identifying hazardous substances and to make the necessary classification proposals

specific rules for refillable chemical products at refill stations." Read more in link to Press release...

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